Located on the bank of the Cedar River in Charles City, Iowa, Riverside Candle Studio was started in 2017 with the goal of creating clean burning soy candles using high quality fragrance oils, American soy wax, and braided cotton wicks free of lead or zinc. The choice was made to use no dyes in our products, to allow the natural beauty of the candle to shine through.

Driven by a passion for everything related to candle making from fragrance, wax, wick and container selection, to the endless label trials, I love it all and hope my strong desire for a quality product and awesome customer service shows!


The Process


The process of making a great candle is much more than melting wax and pouring it in a wicked jar.  Great care is taken to select the finest fragrance oils, calculate the ideal fragrance to wax ratio, choose the correct wick size for the chosen container, and determine the optimal melt and pour temperature.  

Once this is done, testing is conducted to ensure optimal cold throw (how your candle smells before it burns), hot throw (the scent produced while the candle burns) and burn time. If all these things are done correctly, you will get a great candle that looks beautiful, smells amazing and is long lasting.


The Bridge and Swan Logo

Riverside Candle Studio-LOGO-SQUARE.jpg

While developing the logo concept, it seemed natural to incorporate something personal.  Since moving to Charles City in 2015, my husband and I have enjoyed living on the river near our city’s pedestrian bridge.  

We are fortunate to have a beautiful swan who makes time to swim down the river in front of our home and studio on a regular basis.  It seemed fitting to include them both in the logo.


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